The Clever Boy And The Escort

By | May 2, 2017

Being eager to lose my virginity led me down the primrose path, one that sought to engage an experienced woman sexually. My story is not so common, as I proceeded to earn my manhood by having sex with a lady who was also a professional escort.

Going into London town, I acquired a room for the night someplace quiet and discreet, but more important a place that would accept my fake ID. As I was just weeks away from being over 18, old enough to drink in a restaurant, yet not old enough to shag without an adult present, sexually speaking.

My keen sense of nervous energy was because of anticipation. I wanted my first time to be sweet and hot. So, I called a few places, then finally hooked up a private appointment with an escort service locally. At just the time preset for my escort to arrive, a knock came to my room door.

I opened the lock and before me was a red-haired angel and only 23 years old, six older than I was at the time. She was in heels, so she appeared tall, but when slipping them off, she was just my height. Her body was wonderful, soft and pale. She wore a bright red dress that waved sheer and sensual. She said her name was Darcy, I told her mine and then handed her an envelope.

This contained our unspoken exchange.

I told the red headed beauty that I was a virgin, to which she stated, “Aren’t you a clever boy.” Then she touched my thigh with her hand and moved over to the bed right beside me. It was clear that being frank with her was all to my advantage, because she approached the whole situation like a true blue blooded girl friendly experience.

That night ended up being more than my fantasies could ever have dreamed up. We made it in various ways, exploring each other gently, then rough. We pounded away at the night like animals, then swooned in the cool of the moonlight through the windows. There was so much I had never lived, then suddenly in moments I was changed forever and my virginity was gone. I didn’t feel like a man exactly, but as Darcy told me on her way out the door, “I had become a man and would be one forever more. You are going to break some hearts, once you get a couple inches taller. See you around sweet thing.”

As she walked her beautiful assets away that evening, I knew two things for certain. One was that I would be having sex as soon as possible again, because I was ready again already. The other was that I imagined myself calling on escorts again, hoping that Darcy would be working the evenings soon. Their website was always available online 24-7, but the best thing was there were so many other women and girls available as well. Dare I dream of it…

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