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How to be successful in speed dating: Newbury escorts

Any effective speed dating is impacted by the quantity of tourist attraction and self-confidence that you exude, given that it entails meeting a total complete stranger. At some length, attractiveness is also another magnet that might hint to you that the date is open to your scrutiny another time in another place. The problem with… Read More »

11 Must-Know Oral s*x Tips from Real Women – Information Nigeria

Information Nigeria 11 Must-Know Oral s*x Tips from Real WomenInformation NigeriaMany women have their go-to oral s*x moves that they know will work every. Single. Time. But why keep all of that great intel to themselves? We asked around to get real women's best tips for amazing oral. The goal: To make it great for… Read More »

Guys Answer All Your Most Important Questions About Cunnilingus – Guys Answer All Your Most Important Questions About CunnilingusCosmopolitan.comFor an activity that relies heavily on using your mouth, people don't talk enough about oral sex — and especially not cunnilingus. I get it, I get it. It's a ~sensitive~ subject. But all that silence leaves a lot of unanswered questions, questions …

11 Reasons to Never Swallow – 11 Reasons to Never SwallowCosmopolitan.comLook: Nothing against blow jobs. With the right person, under the right circumstances, they can be quite enjoyable! But, toward the end, things tend to get dicey. Things have to finish (*wink wink*) one way or another, leaving you — the giver of the …

The Clever Boy And The Escort

Being eager to lose my virginity led me down the primrose path, one that sought to engage an experienced woman sexually. My story is not so common, as I proceeded to earn my manhood by having sex with a lady who was also a professional escort. Going into London town, I acquired a room for… Read More »